How To Play - Soccer 13 & 13 Xtra

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Key Soccer 13 Information

Soccer 13 is similar to Soccer 10, but there are 13 matches instead of 10 and the payouts can be life changing. Here are the basic details:

Soccer 13 is operated by TAB in conjunction with Svenska Spel Sweden. Please note Soccer 13 is hosted by Svenska Spel in Sweden and their rules apply. There are 13 matches and 3 choices each match:

  1. Team A Win
  2. Draw
  3. Team B Win

NOTE: Svenska Spel uses 1= Team A win; x = Draw; 2 = Team B win. Soccer fans betting in South Africa, however, must use 1 = Team A win; 2 = Draw; 3 = Team B win.

All results based on score at end of 90 minutes. If a match kicks off before the pool closes or is not completed normally, it is NOT declared null and void. Instead the result is determined by a random computer draw from 16 possibilities – 10 soccer experts each give a result, plus two of each of the three possible outcomes go into the draw.

Saturday Soccer 13

  • Average Pool R20 Million!
  • Average Pay Out R2 Million
  • If only 1 ticket has all 13 correct - guaranteed R10-million pay out!
There are four chances to win in every pool!

All 13 correct = 40% of pool
Average payout R1.98 million

Any 12 correct = 15% of pool
Average payout R9,000

Any 11 correct = 12% of pool
Average payout R485

Any 10 correct = 25% of pool
Average payout R110

NOTE: Other 8% of pool goes to guarantee R10 million pay out in event of only one winner.

Sunday and Weekday Soccer 13

There are four chances to win in every pool!

All 13 correct = 39% of pool
Average payout R507,311

Any 12 correct = 22% of pool
Average payout R9,621

Any 11 correct = 12% of pool
Average payout R317

Any 10 correct = 25% of pool
Average payout R74

NOTE: Other 2% of pool goes to Jackpot fund.

Closing Times of Pools

All Soccer 13 pools will close in South Africa 120 minutes before the official closing time. This is because all Soccer 13 bets in South Africa are collated into a single batch by TAB and sent to Svenska Spel to be commingled into the host pool. Should TAB be unable to deliver the batch to Svenska Spel because of a communications breakdown or any other reason, all bets will be declared null and void and refunded.

Unit of Betting & Other Info

The unit of betting is R2.00 but this changes according to the exchange rate.

Permutations of multiple entries can be played in the normal way.

If any payout is R15 or less, the money is not paid out and instead carried forward to a future pool.

Key Information - Soccer 13 Xtra

Soccer 13 Xtra is similar to Soccer 13. There are 13 matches and players must correctly predict the results of at least 10 of the games to win. There are three result options to choose from:

  1. Team A Win
  2. Draw
  3. Team B Win

There are four chances to win:

  1. All 13 matches correct
  2. Any 12 matches correct
  3. Any 11 matches correct
  4. Any 10 matches correct

Soccer 13 Xtra is hosted by TAB and there are 9 African countries betting into the pool.

There's a guaranteed R1-million payout or double payout if only ONE winner all 13 correct. As follows:

If payout R500,000 or more but less than R1 million, payout increased to R1 million. Payout doubled if less than R500,000. Examples: If payout R700,000 then R300,000 added. If payout R200,000, then doubled to R400,000. Only applies if ONE winner of all-13 correct Saturday pool.

Soccer 13 Xtra is hosted by TAB and there are 9 African countries betting into pool: Central African Republic, Chad, DRC, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

Unit of Betting:

Single entry R2 - multiple entry R2 per combination

Other Info:


As with other TAB Soccer bets If a match or matches, as advertised, is not completed by 9am on the day after the last day on which matches in the pool were scheduled, shall be deemed abandoned and all choices shall qualify. The times at which matches are completed will be as supplied by the Operator's official source, notwithstanding the Operator's decision in terms of when a match has not been completed shall be final and binding. The Operator reserves the right to extend the time for a match to be completed provided this does not unduly hamper the declaration of results and dividends.


In terms of Svenska Spel rules for all Soccer 13 pools, the amount staked by a single customer on any one Soccer 13 pool is limited to a maximum of 60,000 sek (Sixty Thousand Swedish Krona). The value in Rand-based terms will be dependent on the prevailing South African Rand to Swedish Krona exchange rate. A customer may not circumvent this rule by forming a syndicate/s with other customers. Svenska Spel reserves the right to withhold payment of winnings to any customer who breaches this limit in any way whatsoever and thereafter to exclude such customer from betting into Soccer 13 pools.